Thursday, November 20, 2014

Today we continued to work on writing narratives. I’m looking forward to how the students transformed stories like “The Mouse and the Lion” and “Baking Bread” into new original masterpieces!

We took out the Omnikin ball twice this week for phys. ed. This is a giant pink ball. We’ve played games like Raiders of the Lost Ark, a very strange version of volleyball and Sumo wrestling.

Enjoy your three day weekend!

In your agenda:

  • Tomorrow is a P.A. Day. No school for students.
  • Finish typing your story on your blog, if possible.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In your agenda:

  • If a computer is available and your story is ready: finish typing your story on your blog as a post. Save it as a draft so that you can continue to work on it.
  • Mme Hoffman is asking you to work on memorizing your play for at least ten minutes.

We have started a new unit on forces acting on structures for Science. These are the sites we looked at today:

Tuesday, November 18

Close up of a real snowflake.

In your agenda:

  • Healthy food for school letter
  • Friday is a P.A. Day. No school for students
  • Photo orders are due tomorrow (or order online)
  • Thursday is Photo Retake Day

Parents: Please remember to sign up for interviews. The online system for signing up closes tomorrow (November 19) at 9:00 pm. Find it at

Click here for a copy of the letter that was sent with your child’s progress report. It gives more details about the online booking system.

Monday, November 17


Today was the first snowfall of the season!

SNOWSUIT FUND: Please bring in any new or gently used outerwear: jackets, snow pants, scarves, mitts and hats. Ottawa winters can be bitter. Let’s help as many families as we can! Clothing will be collected this week.

In your agenda:

Fact: An average banana has more calories than a Kit Kat.

Friday, November 14

Today was an exciting day. Not only was pajama day, it was the day we taped our “Principal vs Student” segment for Portable TV. Thanks to Mr. Smith for participating.

In your agenda:

FACT: Goldfish can’t close their eyes.

Thursday, November 13

CBC radio aired our “Point of View” about advertising on NHL jerseys this morning. It was very exciting to hear ourselves on the radio. You can hear how we sounded at

In Language Arts we have started transforming traditional stories into brand new stories. The students have spent time examining the structure and summarizing a variety of stories. This week, we created a new new story, as an entire class, based on “Making Bread”. Our story, “Making Salad”, will soon be available on this site.

Production of Portable TV continues. We’ve just finished shooting our third segment. Tomorrow we will be taping our “Teacher vs Student” segment.

In your agenda:

  • tomorrow is pajama day
  • Progress reports were sent home today
  • Information about next week’s Book Fair was sent home today

Tuesday, November 11

Art by Jasmine

In your agenda:

  • One extra day for book orders! They are now due tomorrow.
  • Any forms that come in for ski/snowboard/Wow will be put on a waiting lists. At the moment, all spots available on buses have been filled.
  • FACT: In an average life, a human walks 3 times around the earth.
  • Photo retake day is November 20.
  • This Friday is pajama day.