Our “Scream” Art

The Scream, by Edvard Munch

The Scream, by Edvard Munch

For the past couple of weeks, students in my class have been busy making their interpretation of Edvard Munch’s famous “Scream” painting.

They chose colours and line that they felt reflected their emotion. Most of these pictures are showing students feeling afraid or anxious.  They worked with pastel, used an iPad to take a picture of their work, and then used a green screen to put themselves in the picture.

Click on the thumbnail for the entire picture.

Computer lab today

1.  Write a quality comment for someone in the class.

2.  Complete at least two more poems.

Here’s the list from last week:

And here are a few more choices:

Copy them to your blog. Add a picture.

3. Work on BitStrips or SumoPaint or PIXLR.

Thursday, October 23

Here’s a little of what we did today:

Math:  We looked at t-tables figured out the rule. We then rewrote the rule as an expression.

Photo 2014-10-23, 3 18 10 PM

Input (term) Output (value)
4 36
6 54
9 81

We played Stop that Creature! to reinforce these ideas.

Social Studies/Language Arts: We are finishing up making sense of how Canada’s three levels of government working. The students have created countries that follow the same system and are working on a radio report explaining how the levels of government are helping one of their cities deal with an ice storm.

Science: We continued looking at the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy.

Luv2Groove: We have one more day of learning about Hip Hop. We’ve learned a lot. Thanks, Raw and Christine!

In your agenda:

In order for students to earn their last blogging badges, they will need to leave 3 quality comments. I’ll only count one comment per student per day. Students are welcome to do this at home. I’ll find time in the day for students to use school computers.