Friday, January 23

In your agenda:

  • Math tests sent home. They do not need to be returned.
  • Mommy’s Yummies information sent home
  • Book orders due Tuesday
  • Let me know if you’ll have difficulties getting a recorder for February 6

Numbler: Round 2

We are in now in the lead against the CPU (iPad mini)!  Our move was

9 X 6 = 54

As you can see we added it to 76 X 0 = 30 – 30

so it became 976 X 0 = 30 – 30

That earned us a lot of points because it was on a “x2″ square!

Photo 2015-01-21, 1 17 36 PM


Here are the tiles for the next round:Photo 2015-01-21, 1 17 37 PM
Leave a comment if you have a suggestion for our next move!

NUMBLER: Round 1

We started a class game of Numbler today. Numbler is an iPad app that is like Scrabble, except you use numbers instead of letters.

We started the game with these tiles: IMG_0850

After thinking about our options, the students decided that 70 + 1 = 71 was our best move. It was worth 16 points because 7 + 0 + 1+ 7 + 1 =16. Actually, it was worth 21 points because we were able to place the equation on top of a “+5″ square.

The iPad immediately played an equation that was worth 38 points. I’m sure we’ll catch up next round!


You can see the tiles for the next turn are 6, 9, 5, 9, 3, 5, +, -, X, divide, =.  Think you have a good next move? Leave a comment. Maybe we’ll play it.

Wednesday, January 14

In your agenda:Igirl-160008_640

  • Friday is a PA Day! No school for students.
  • Our first ski trip of the season starts tomorrow!

Be sure to dress for the weather and pack a lunch. Members of the ski club will meet in the lobby between 8:15 and 8:30. Make sure you have made arrangements to get home. We expect to be back around 4:15 pm.

Students who are not skiing will line up at their door to start the day.

Tuesday, January 13

We finished reading “The Cay” by Theodore Taylor. What does it mean on the cover: “It took blindness to make Phillip truly see?”

In your agenda:

  • a new ski form was sent home for ski club members. We need it so that students have permission to ski on the new date, February 3. Please return it by Friday.
  • Some students need to finish typing their “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories.

Computer Lab today

1. Finish typing your interactive story. Click here to find your story.

2. If you think your story is finished:

  • read your story out loud. Make changes, additions, add more detail as you go.
  • Make sure your story makes sense, uses the second person and is written in the present tense!
  • separate slides with lots of text into two or more slides
  • test your links
  • add pictures, transitions, animations
  • add more “paths” to your story

Use this computer period time to make your interactive story as detailed as possible!