Thursday, February 26

Another busy day. We continued our work on perspective drawing, spoke French and played a “new to me” version of dodge-ball (thanks to yesterday’s guest teacher). We also learned about Inuit culture, history and traditions from Dion who works for the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre. We hope he will be able to come back and teach us Inuit art and games.

In your agenda:

  • bring your recorder tomorrow
  • FACT: Tennis was originally played with bare hands

Computer lab today

ComputerGo to ABCYA Animate.

Make an animation introducing your first nations story. Make sure it has:

  • A title (i.e. “An Ojibway Creation Story”)
  • Characters from the story
  • Optional: dialogue you plan to add to the story. You might do this as a caption or speech bubble

Work fast! Save your completed story to the desktop, then upload it to the blog before 2:50 pm.

Friday, February 20

thumbs up photoI’m very impressed with how quickly the class is progressing at playing the recorder. Many students have already earned their first two recorder karate belts. Keep practicing at

In your agenda:

  • The people behind Power4Bones have given you a straw and postcard to help remember to keep your bones healthy!